Research Areas

Signals & Imaging

Current research in this area emphasizes both theory and application. Topics include:

  • model based digital and analog signal and image processing
  • stochastic process theory, modeling, and applications
  • shape theory, modeling, and applications; communication and information theory
  • coding theory
  • bandwidth and energy efficient modulation schemes
  • multiaccess communications
  • estimation and decision theory
  • radar and infrared systems and their use in imaging and automatic target recognition
  • low light level optical imaging
  • restoration of optical images degraded by aberrations and atmospheric turbulence
  • tomographic imaging; ultrasonic imaging and tissue characterization
  • anatomical mapping; statistical signal processing for sensor arrays
  • computational linguistics
  • Radio frequency sensing
  • Wireless networking
  • Radio localization and time synchronization

Exploring Signals & Imaging: Bridging theory and practice in cutting-edge research

Meet the Faculty

Ulugbek Kamilov
Joseph O'Sullivan
Neal Patwari
Bruno Sinopoli

Senior & Emeritus Professors

Martin Arthur
Arye Nehorai

Affiliate Faculty

Hongyu An
Joseph Culver
Adam Eggebrecht
Tom Franken
Song Hu
Nathan Jacobs
Abhinav Jha
Ilya Monosov
Barani Raman
Barani Raman
Aris Sotiras
Yuan-Chuan Tai
Gaia Tavoni
Yong Wang
Tiezhi Zhang
Chao Zhou
Quing Zhu