Martin Arthur
Ulugbek Kamilov
Arye Nehorai
Joseph O'Sullivan
Neal Patwari
Bruno Sinopoli

Current research in this area emphasizes both theory and application. Topics include:

  • model based digital and analog signal and image processing
  • stochastic process theory, modeling, and applications
  • shape theory, modeling, and applications; communication and information theory
  • coding theory
  • bandwidth and energy efficient modulation schemes
  • multiaccess communications
  • estimation and decision theory
  • radar and infrared systems and their use in imaging and automatic target recognition
  • low light level optical imaging
  • restoration of optical images degraded by aberrations and atmospheric turbulence
  • tomographic imaging; ultrasonic imaging and tissue characterization
  • anatomical mapping; statistical signal processing for sensor arrays
  • computational linguistics
  • Radio frequency sensing
  • Wireless networking
  • Radio localization and time synchronization