The DSc degree in Systems Science & Mathematics is an academic doctorate designed mainly for full-time students interested in proceeding to an academic or industrial career.

Degree Requirements

DSc students are required to complete at least 36 hours of post-baccalaureate course work before gaining admission to the program and pass a written qualifying examination, to be taken before the second academic year of the program.

During their study, students must pass an oral preliminary research examination, which must be completed within two years of passing the written qualifying examination, and at least one year prior to completion of the dissertation.

DSc students must satisfy the general residency requirement for the McKelvey School of Engineering.

Note that the DSc has no teaching requirement.

Students must write a doctoral dissertation that describes the results of original and creative research in a specialization within electrical engineering or systems science and mathematics and pass a final oral examination in defense of the dissertation research.

Finally, all doctoral students must enroll in ESE 590: Electrical and Systems Engineering Graduate Seminar each semester.