Students in the Department of Electrical & Systems Engineering have great opportunities to work on projects from a massive variety of topics, including population dynamics, robot interfaces, quadcopter simulation, systemic risk in financial networks, control of unoccupied aircraft and more.

Explore some of the past senior design and undergraduate research projects below.

  • Zoe Cohen, Kara Dimicco (Adviser: Shantanu Chakrabartty), Identifying Ischemic Stroke Patients via CT Scans using a Neural Network, ESE 498, Spring 2017

  • John MacKay, Seth Ebner (Adviser: Shantanu Chakrabartty), FPGA Platform for Growth Transform Neural Network, ESE 498, Spring 2017

  • Alex Carsello, Andrew Ellison (Adviser: William D. Richard), Real-Time FPGA-Based Optical Flow System, ESE 498, Spring 2017

  • Philip Johnston, Yifan Ruan, and Lucas Schmidt, Exotic Option Pricing Optimization Using Monte Carlo Simulations with FPGA's, ESE 498/499, Spring 2017

  • Charles Hang, Johanna Malaer, Signal Conductor Intermittency Detector, ESE 498, Spring 2017

  • Meizhi Wang (Advisers: Humberto Gonzalez, Silvia Zhang), Motor Controller Design for the Raspberry Pi-Powered Autonomous Research Vehicle, ESE 498, Spring 2017

  • Elliot Jaffe, Allen Nikka, Colin Wade (Adviser: Robert Morley), PortaVolt: A Low-Cost Solar-Powered Portable Energy Storage solution, ESE 498, Spring 2017

  • Rui Huang, Taryn Young (Adviser: Jinsong Zhang), Bike Sharing Program Using Wireless Sensor Networks, ESE 498, Spring 2017

  • Erika Roedl, Blake Welch, Laundry Beacon: For Small to Medium Laundry Rooms, ESE 498, Spring 2017

  • Teja Vallapuri, SomniScan Hardware, ESE 498, Spring 2017

  • Nikhil Junnarkar, Alexander Cruise (Adviser: Feinstein), Coupled Stochastic Differential Equations Model to Simulate Systemic Risk in Banking Systems, ESE 499, Spring 2017

  • Woenho Chung, Nathan Vogt (Adviser: Feinstein), Controlling the Stability of an Interconnected Financial Network, ESE 498, Spring 2017

  • Sumant Argawal, Hunter Montgomery, Alex Qin (Adviser: August Roesener), Operations Analysis and Forecasting for The Wine Merchant, ESE 499, Spring 2017

  • Sam Jones (Adviser: Zachary Feinstein), Feedforward Machine Learning Systems to Improve Cryptocurrency Pricing Models, ESE 499, Spring 2017

  • Matthew Stern, Chelsea Branson (Advisers: Zach Feinstein, Jason Trobaugh, OFS Staff), Inventory Management and Distribution Decisioning for Operation Food Search, ESE 499, Spring 2017

  • Matt Kollada and Alastair Hicklin-Coorey (Adviser: Dennis Mell), Cheap and Lightweight Gimbal for Quadcopter Drone, ESE 499, Spring 2017

  • Michael Yu, Four-wheel steering for the FSAE Vehicle, ESE 499, Spring 2017

  • Jae Sang Ha, Mintaek Lim (Adviser: ShiNung Ching), Diagnosis of Insomnia by Evaluating Alpha Brain Waves, ESE 499, Spring 2017

  • Jackie Marlin, Jake Starr (Adviser: Brad Clay, BioMerieux), A Matlab Approach to Automated Bacterial Colony Counting, ESE 499, Spring 2017

  • Bridget Ahad, Ben Bishop, James Wall (Adviser: ShiNung Ching), Utilizing EEG Recordings to Determine Spatial and Temporal Interactions in the Brain, ESE 498, ESE 499, Spring 2017

  • Alison Gu, Rebecca Ho, Natasha Zachariades (Advisers: Randall Hoven, Jinsong Zhang), Addressing the Animal Tracking Problem Using Estimators and the Argos Doppler, ESE 498, Spring 2017

  • Tim Chen (Supervisor: Arye Nehorai), Reconstructing Missing Climate Data via Matrix Completion, ESE 497, Spring 2017

  • Alexander Bluestein, Savannah Johnson and Ariel Stern (Supervisor: Dan Livengood), Theme Park Optimization, ESE 499, Fall 2016

  • Lauren Maltz, Casey Sands, Scott Johnson (Supervisor: Zach Feinstein), Patient Intake Efficiency in Hospital Emergency Rooms, ESE 499, Fall 2016

  • Jacob Caddick, Jack Whitman and Melanie Ehrenberg (Supervisor: Zach Feinstein), Modeling the Systemic Risk of Financial Networks through Default Analysis, ESE 499, Fall 2016

  • Maomao Lai, Casey Nordberg, and Natasha Zachariades (Supervisor: Zach Feinstein), Scheduling Optimizer for the Washington University Circulator at the Clocktower, ESE 499, Fall 2016

  • Emre Gunay, Melissa Wong, Margie Gomez (Supervisor: Zach Feinstein), Optimizing the Airline Boarding Process, ESE 499, Fall 2016

  • Jeffrey Gu and Kristen Koyanagi (Supervisor: Humberto Gonzalez), Communications Protocol for Raspberry Pi Autonomous Vehicles, ESE 499, Fall 2016

  • Meizhi Wang, Reese Frerichs (Supervisor: Humberto Gonzalez), Raspberry Pi-Powered Autonomous Research Vehicle, ESE 499, Fall 2016

  • Jongwoon Kim and Kyutaek Oh (Supervisor: ShiNung Ching), Completing Cooperative Tasks by Utilizing Brain Computer Interface, ESE 499, Fall 2016

  • Zoe Cohen (Supervisors: Prateek Gundannavar, Arye Nehorai), Automatic Sleep Stage Classification using a Neural Network Algorithm , ESE 497, Fall 2016

  • Annie Brinza, Kara Dimicco, Leticia Hassett (Supervisor: ShiNung Ching), Designing a Brain-Based Classifier of Risk, ESE 499, Fall 2016

  • Anna Boerwinkle, Annie Gocke, Shilpi Sharma (Adviser: Zachary Feinstein), Discrete Event Simulation of Let's Talk Attendance, ESE 499, Fall 2016

  • Deko Ricketts (Supervisor: Humberto Gonzalez), PV Remote Rapid Shutdown System (RRSS) , ESE 499, Fall 2016

  • Jonathan Gross (Supervisors: Ed Richter, Arye Nehorai), Robotic Arm Pile Sorting, ESE497, Summer 2016,

  • Michael Billington, Keven Kevin Jiang (Supervisors:Ed Richter, Arye Nehorai), Doppler Shift Human Detection using a Microphone Array , ESE 497, Summer 2016

  • Xiangyang Mou (Supervisor: Arye Nehorai), Cocktail Party Hearing Aid using a Microphone Array, ESE 497, Summer 2015

  • Yifan Wang and Stephen Gower (Supervisor: Arye Nehorai), Robotic Avoidance using Kinect and UST , ESE 497, Summer 2015

  • Ren Liang Liang ,Tsinghua University, (Supervisor: Arye Nehorai, Martin Hurtado, Ed Richter), Radio Tomographic Imaging-Based Fall Detection, Video, ESE 497, Summer 2015

  • Katherine Shermoen, Kjartan Brownell (Supervisor: Jinsong Zhang), Wireless Sensor Network-Enabled Parking Garage Monitoring System, ESE 499, Spring 2016

  • Jiayi Fu, Mengdi Wu (Supervisor: ShiNung Ching), Real-time EEG Acquisition, ESE 499, Spring 2016

  • Runze Han (Supervisor: Arye Nehorai), Detection and Classification of Freezing of Gait in Parkison Disease Patients, ESE 499, Spring 2016

  • Ian Sekiguchi (Supervisor: Robert Morley), Microphone Array Beamforming, ESE 499, Spring 2016

  • Tyler Westenbroek (Supervisor: Humberto Gonzalez), Optimal Control of Hybrid Systems Using a Feedback Relaxed Control Formulation, ESE 499, Spring 2016

  • Jesse Weissberg, David D’Agrosa, Ali Rangwala (Supervisor: Humberto Gonzalez), Computer Vision Rover, ESE 499, Spring 2016

  • Duncan Rodriguez (Supervisor: Humberto Gonzalez), State Prediction of Physical Systems via Kalman Filtering, ESE 499, Spring 2016

  • Makai Mann and David Sehloff (Supervisor: Arye Nehorai), Machine Learning Approaches to Solar Output Forecasting, ESE 499, Fall 2015

  • Kaitlin Crawley and Jameson West (Supervisor: Zachary Feinstein), Four Factors Analysis for Washington University Women’s Basketball, ESE 499, Fall 2015

  • Reed Dalton, Bryan Thompson, Louis Wilson (Supervisor: Vladimir Kurenok), Call Option Volatility with Black-Scholes-Merton Model, ESE 499, Fall 2015

  • Julie Messing, Erik Carlson, Blake McCartin (Supervisor: Paul Min), Comparative Analysis of Forecasting Models for Aviation in the United States, ESE 499, Spring 2016

  • Willie deButts, Noah Lieberman (Supervisor: Zachary Feinstein), Algorithmically Redistricting Maryland, ESE 499, Spring 2016

  • Vince Campanale, Connor Jacobs (Supervisor: Zachary Feinstein), MLB Stolen Base Modeling, ESE 499, Spring 2016

  • Jonathan Ng, Ryan Gleue (Supervisor: Daniel Livengood), Student Health Services: An Improved Appointment Scheduling Method, ESE 499, Spring 2016

  • Carolyn Arden, Mehrmah Haider, Heather Jin (Supervisor: Zachary Feinstein), WUChoice: A Linear Programming Tool to Minimize Food Costs at Washington University, ESE 499, Spring 2016

  • Celso Torres, Jacob Cavner (Supervisor: Zachary Feinstein), Financial Market Predictor, ESE 499, Spring 2016

  • Catalina Cuervo, Hannah Barnes (Supervisor: Zachary Feinstein), Ibby’s Brunch: Demand Forecasting and Optimization, ESE 499, Spring 2016

  • Ryan West, Ryan Wehrle (Supervisor: Daniel Livengood), Infusion Center Schedule Optimization, ESE 499, Spring 2016

  • Alex Graham, Matt Goad, Jake Deavers (Supervisor: Paul Min), Optimizing the American Distribution Services with the Acquisition of North Shore Transportation Order Fulfillment Process, ESE 499, Spring 2016

  • Kaci Karlsson (Supervisor: Paul Min), Modeling a Bus Rapid Transit Station, ESE 499, Spring 2016

  • John Kubinak, Aleks Larsen, Daniel Douglass (Supervisor: Paul Min), Pennant Sportswear Shipment Packing Optimization, ESE 499, Spring 2016

  • Jiayi Fu (Supervisor: JT Shen), Ultra-Short-Focus Microlens, ESE 499, Spring 2016

  • John Emmons (Supervisor: Jeremy Buhler), Design and Performance Analysis of a GPU Regulatory Motif Finding Algorithm, ESE 499, Fall 2015