Solve real-world problems with a master's in control engineering.

The Master of Control Engineering (MSC) is a terminal professional degree led by our expert faculty and prepares our students for work in the industry. Through this program our department blends research with practical application to learn how technology impacts medicine, business, and social behavior and more.

The Department of Electrical & Systems Engineering looks for students who have a solid undergraduate background in electrical engineering and a desire to progress further into the field.  To support research efforts, the department provides master’s students with state-of-the-art research equipment and the considerable resources offered by a great university.

Students who earn their MSC gain a competitive edge over their peers, working in fields such as system design and specification; university teaching and research; sales; cost analysis; management; component design, research, and development; and consulting, production, and quality control.

Suggested Academic Requirements for Prospective Students

It is recommended that incoming students earn a baccalaureate degree in engineering or another STEM-related degree. In earning that degree, it is recommended that students take the following upper-level courses:

The following courses are also important in the curriculum but are emphasized to a different extent in each of the key areas within the program. Students lacking this content may find it helpful to add it after admission.

Degree Requirements for Current Students

  • Refer to the University Bulletin for specific information.

  • The MCEng degree requires 30 units, which may include optionally 6 units for thesis or 3 units for independent study.


The following courses are approved by the department as electives.

Any course numbered 401 or greater in Engineering, Physics, or Mathematics with the following exceptions listed below.

The following courses ARE NOT approved by the ESE department as electives.

Any General Engineering Course

Undergraduate Lab Courses

Any Undergraduate Research, Independent Study, Senior Design, or Capstone Course

* Requests for exceptions to this policy may be submitted to the graduate program coordinator with the approval of the academic advisor of the student.