MS in Data Analytics & Statistics

The MS in Data Analytics and Statistics (MSDAS) is an academic master's degree designed for students interested in learning statistical techniques necessary to make informed decisions based on data analysis.

Requirements for Degree

  • Refer to the University Bulletin for the specific requirements for this degree.

  • The MSDAS degree requires 30 units, which may include optionally 6 units for thesis.


The following courses are approved by the department as electives.

From ESE:

ESE 403, ESE 425, ESE 427, ESE 513, ESE 514, ESE 523, ESE 526, ESE 544, ESE 545, ESE 551, ESE 553, ESE 584

From CSE:

CSE 417T, CSE 427S, CSE 502N, CSE 503S, CSE 510-519, CSE 541T, CSE 557A, CSE 581T, CSE 585T, CSE 586A

From Math:

The following courses are NOT approved by the department as electives.

Any Undergraduate Research, Independent Study, Senior Design, or Capstone Course

Requests for exceptions to this policy may be submitted to the department chair with the approval of the academic advisor of the student.