​Double Degree in Chemical Engineering

To satisfy the core requirements of the McKelvey School of Engineering, the following courses are required:

Physics 117A, 118A 8
Chem 111A, 112A, 151, 152 10
Math 132, 233, 21711
Humanities/social sciences electives 18

To complete the core requirements of both chemical engineering and systems engineering, the following additional requirements apply:

Chem 2513
ChE 257 or Chem 2572
ChE 3253
ESE 317 4
ESE 3264
EP 310 3
CSE 2003
Biol 2960

The balance of the curriculum is carefully structured to satisfy the combined degree requirements and to meet the objectives of the program. The general degree requirements include the residency and other applicable requirements of the University and the McKelvey School of Engineering.

The curriculum meets the requirements of both degrees and can be completed in four years. The total number of units required is 141. The semester course load exceeds the usual school-wide average of 15 units per semester, so you must be highly motivated to accomplish this objective in eight semesters. The course load in individual semesters may be lightened by attending summer school or by adding an additional semester. A number of courses (e.g. EP 310; MAE 320; ESE 309, 317, 326, 351, 441; and humanities and social sciences courses) are usually offered in the summer as well.

Disclaimer for Double Degrees

  • The course charts (choose one) are samples.
  • To verify degree requirements, please meet with a faculty advisor or an academic advisor in Engineering Student Services.