​Course Offe​rings​

Core Courses LabsKey ElectivesSpecial Topics Core Graduate Courses

Course # and Title Semester Frequency
Core Courses
205 Introduction to Engineering DesignEvery
230 Intro to Electrical and Electronic Circuits
232 Introduction to Electronic CircuitsSpring
260 Introduction to Digital Logic and Computer DesignCSE Home
318 Engineering Mathematics AEvery
319 Engineering Mathematics BEvery
326 Probability and Statistics for EngineeringEvery
330 Engineering Electromagnetics PrinciplesEvery
351 Signals and SystemsEvery
403 Operations ResearchFall
441 Control SystemsEvery
498 Electrical Engineering Capstone Design ProjectsEvery
499 Systems Science and Engineering Capstone ProjectEvery
331 Electronics LaboratorySpring
435 Electrical Energy LaboratoryFall
447 Robotics LaboratoryEvery
448 Systems Engineering Laboratory Every
449 Digital Process Control LaboratoryEECE Home
465 Digital Systems LaboratoryFall
488 Signals and Systems LaboratoryFall
Key Electives
337 Electronic Devices and CircuitsSpring
362 Computer ArchitectureCSE Home
415 OptimizationEvery
438 Applied OpticsFall
446 Robotics: Dynamics and ControlSpring
461 Design Automation for Integrated Circuit SystemsFall
471 Communication SystemsSpring
482 Digital Signal ProcessingFall
Special Topics
101 Introduction to Engineering Tools: MATLAB and Simulink (1 unit)Every
103 Introduction to Electrical Engineering (1 unit)Every
141 Introductory Robotics (1 unit)Every
151 Introduction to Systems Science and Engineering (2 units)Fall
332 Power, Energy and Polyphase Circuits Spring
404 Applied Operations ResearchSpring
405 Reliability and Quality ControlFall
407 Analysis and Simulation of Discrete Event SystemsSpring
425 Random Processes and Kalman FilteringFall or Spring
427 Financial MathematicsFall
429 Basic Principles of Quantum Optics and Quantum InformationAs needed
433 Radio Frequency and Microwave Technology for Wireless SystemsAs needed
434 Solid State Power Circuits and Applications Fall
439 Quantum CommunicationAs needed
444 Sensors and ActuatorsFall
455 Quantitative Methods for Systems BiologyFall
460 Switching TheoryCSE Home
462 Computer Systems DesignCSE Home
467 Embedded Computing SystemsCSE Home
474 Wireless Sensor NetworksSpring
Core Graduate Courses
501 Mathematics of Modern Engineering IFall
502 Mathematics of Modern Engineering IISpring
517 Partial Differential EquationsSpring
520 Probability and Stochastic ProcessesEvery
524 Detection and Estimation TheorySpring
543 Control Systems Design by State Space MethodsFall
547 Robust and Adaptive ControlSpring
551 Linear Dynamic Systems IFall
553 Nonlinear Dynamic SystemsSpring
562 Analog Integrated CircuitsFall
589 Biological Imaging TechnologySpring
601 Research Rotation for ESE Doctoral StudentsEvery