Wang<img alt="Chuan Wang" src="/Profiles/PublishingImages/Wang_Chuan.jpg?RenditionID=6" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />Assistant ProfessorChuan Wang - Electrical & Systems Engineering - ​Develops large-scale and cost-effective materials for flexible and stretchable electronic systems<p>PhD, University of Southern California, 2011<br/>BS, Peking University, 2005</p> <a href=""> <img src="/Profiles/PublishingImages/gscholar.png" alt="" style="margin: 0px 0px -5px;"/> Google Scholar</a><div><br/><div><span><hr/></span><strong>Affiliations</strong><br/><ul style="text-align: left;"><li><a href="" style="font-size: 0.9em;">The Institute of Materials Science & Engineering</a><br/></li></ul></div></div><p>​Assistant Professor<br/></p><h3>Expertise<br/></h3><p>​2-D semiconductor nanoelectronics and optoelectronics, stretchable electronics, printed electronics, sensors and actuators<br/></p><h3>Research</h3><p>Chuan Wang's focus areas of research include: 1) flexible and stretchable electronics for displaying, sensing and energy harvesting applications; 2) low-cost additive manufacturing of flexible and stretchable electronics using inkjet printing; and 3) high-performance nanoelectronics and optoelectronics using two-dimensional semiconductors.</p><h3>Biography</h3><p>Wang joined Washington University in St. Louis as an assistant professor of electrical & systems engineering in 2018. Prior to joining WashU, he had been an assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering at Michigan State University since 2013. Wang earned a doctorate in electrical engineering from University of Southern California in 2011 working with Chongwu Zhou and subsequently worked as a postdoctoral scholar with Ali Javey in the Department of Electrical and Computer Sciences at the University of California, Berkeley from 2011-2013. His doctoral and postdoctoral research made him a pioneer in the field of using solution-processed semiconducting carbon nanotube networks and CVD-grown horizontally aligned carbon nanotubes for high-performance thin-film transistors, integrated circuits, display electronics and RF electronics. <br/></p><img alt="" src="/Profiles/ResearchImages/CWang%20Research.png?RenditionID=13" style="BORDER:0px solid;" /><p>​<a href="tel://3149352596">314-935-2596</a><br/><a href=""></a><br/>Green Hall, Room 1121<br/></p><div class="ms-rtestate-read ms-rte-wpbox" contenteditable="false"><div class="ms-rtestate-notify ms-rtestate-read 73b72aba-e05e-42e1-8911-a2b6568bb686" id="div_73b72aba-e05e-42e1-8911-a2b6568bb686" unselectable="on"></div><div id="vid_73b72aba-e05e-42e1-8911-a2b6568bb686" unselectable="on" style="display: none;"></div></div>



2019 Collaboration Initiation Grants awarded to four faculty members Collaboration Initiation Grants awarded to four faculty members