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Speaker Affiliation Area/Title Host Date Time Location
Sensen Liu
Washington University in St. Louis PhD Dissertation Defense
Modeling and Analyzing Neural Dynamics and information processing over Multiple Time Scales
Dr. ShiNung Ching
8/20/20182 p.m.
Green Hall, Room 0120
Mengxue Zhang
Washington University in St. Louis PhD Dissertation Defense
Forward Electrophysiological Modeling and Inverse Problem for Uterine Contractions During Pregnancy
Dr. Arye Henorai
8/9/20181 p.m.
Green Hall, Room 0120
Shuo Linda Wang
Washington University in St. Louis PhD Dissertation Defense
Inference and Control of Dynamic Ensemble and Networked Systems
Dr. Jr-Shin LI
8/8/201810 a.m.
Green Hall, Room 0120
Walter Bomela
Washington University in St. Louis PhD Dissertation Defense
Robust Engineering of Dynamic Structures in Complex Networks
Dr. Jr-Shin Li
8/7/201810 a.m.
Green Hall, Room 0120
Mianzhi Wang
Washington University in St. Louis PhD Dissertation Defense
Statistical Performance Analysis of Sparse Linear Arrays
Dr. Arye Nehorai
8/6/20181 p.m.
Green Hall, Room 0120
Bo Peng
Advanced Light Control on Integrated Silicon Photonics PlatformLan Yang
6/29/201811 a.m.
Green Hall, Room 0120
Neal Patwari
Associate Professor
Electrical & Computer Engineering
University of Utah
Improved Context Sensing for Future Cyber Physical Systems
R. Martin Arthur
6/8/201811 a.m.
Green Hall, Room 0120
Amos Danielli
Faculty of Engineering
Bar-Ilan University
Rapid and highly sensitive detection of fluorescently-labeled biosensorsLan Yang
4/13/201810 a.m.
Green Hall, Room 0120
Justin Ruths
Assistant Professor
Mechanical Engineering and Systems Engineering
University of Texas at Dallas
Quantifying the Capabilities of Attackers in Cyber-Physical SystemsJr-Shin Li
3/1/201810 a.m.
Green Hall, Room 0120

Max Berniker

Assistant Professor,
Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering,
University of Illinois, Chicago
A Normative Approach to Neuromotor ControlShiNung Ching2/22/20181 p.m.Green Hall, Room 0120

Anastasia Yendiki

Assistant Professor of Radiology, Harvard Medical School,
Assistant Physicist, Massachusetts General Hospital
Inference on Brain Circuitry from Diffusion-Weighted MRIR. Martin Arthur2/7/20183 p.m.Green Hall, Room 0120


Speaker Affiliation Area/Title Host Date Time Location

Monica Shokeen

Optical Radiology Lab, Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology,
Center for Multiple Myeloma Nanotherapy,
Washington University School of Medicine
Precision Imaging of Multiple MyelomaJoseph O'Sullivan12/8/20178:40 a.m.Green Hall, Room 0120

Richard Laforest

Associate Professor of Radiology,
Washington University in St. Louis
Quantitative PET in PET/MRI Joseph O'Sullivan12/1/20178:40 a.m.Green Hall, Room 0120

Hiroya Nakao

Associate Professor,
Systems and Control Engineering,
Tokyo Institute of Technology
Phase Reduction and Synchronization of a Network of Coupled Dynamical Elements Exhibiting Collective Oscillations Jr-Shin Li11/14/201711:10 a.m.Green Hall, Room 0120

Hong Chen

Department of Biomedical Engineering,
Department of Radiation Oncology,
Washington University in St. Louis
Image-Guided Focused Ultrasound Therapy Joseph O'Sullivan11/3/20178:40 a.m.Green Hall, Room 0120

James A. J. Fitzpatrick

Director, Center for Cellular Imaging
Associate Professor, Cell Biology & Physiology, Neuroscience, and BME
Washington University in St. Louis
Correlative Optical, X-Ray and Electron Microscopy in study of Disease PathogenesisJoseph O'Sullivan11/2/201710:10 a.m.Whitaker Hall, Room 218

Edmund Yeh

Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Computer and Information Science
Northeastern University
Networking for Big Data: Theory and Optimization for NDNArye Nehorai10/27/201710:10 a.m.Green Hall, Room 0120

Jeffrey F. Williamson

Professor of Radiation Oncology,
Editor-in-Chief, Medical Physics
Washington University in St. Louis
Modeling Deformation of Pelvic Anatomy: Application to Prostate and Cervical Cancer Radiation Therapy Planning Joseph O'Sullivan10/27/20178:40 a.m.Green Hall, Room 0120

Joel R. Garbow

Professor of Biomedical MR Laboratory
Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology
Washington University in St. Louis
MRI at the Intersection of Basic and Clinical Science: Studies of Placental Function and Radiated BrainJoseph O'Sullivan10/20/20178:40 a.m.Green Hall, Room 0120

Mark Anastasio

Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Washington University in St. Louis
Computational Methods for X-ray Phase-Contrast ImagingJoseph O'Sullivan10/13/20178:40 a.m.Green Hall, Room 0120

Ulugbek Kamilov

Professor of Electrical and Systems Engineering
Washington University in St. Louis
Convergent Image Reconstruction for Nonlinear Diffractive ImagingJoseph O'Sullivan10/06/20178:40 a.m.Green Hall, Room 0120

Ayan Chakrabarti

Professor of Computer Science and Engineering
Washington University in St. Louis
Co-Designing Measurement and Inference for PhotographyJoseph O'Sullivan9/29/20178:40 a.m.Green Hall, Room 0120

Quing Zhu

Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Radiology
Washington University in St. Louis
Multi-Modality Imaging Techniques for Breast, Ovarian and Colorectal Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Monitoring and PredictionJoseph O'Sullivan9/22/20178:40 a.m.Green Hall, Room 0120

Tiezhi Zhang

Professor of Radiation Oncology Department
Washington University in St. Louis
Multi-pixel x-ray source and its applications in medical imagingJoseph O'Sullivan9/15/20178:40 a.m.Green Hall, Room 0120

Matthew D. Lew

Professor ofElectrical and Systems Engineering
Washington University in St. Louis
Single-Molecule Probes and Computational Optics for Imaging Nanoscale Biological StructuresJoseph O'Sullivan9/8/20178:40 a.m.Green Hall, Room 0120

Jan Wiersig

Professor in the institute for Theoretical Physics
Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg, Germany
Optical Microdisk Cavities with Weak Boundary DeformationLan Yang5/11/20173 p.m.Green Hall, Room 0120
Zhiwen LiuProfessor of Electrical Engineering,
Penn State University
Nonlinear Optical Imaging and SpectroscopyLan Yang4/24/20172 p.m.Green Hall, Room 0120
Shen Zeng PhD,
Postdoctoral Researcher and Lecturer
Institute for Systems Theory and
Automatic Control,
University of Stuttgart
Data-driven Analysis and Control of Large-scale Dynamical Systems R. Martin Arthur4/20/201710 a.m.Green Hall, Room 0120
Chuan Wang PhD,
Assistant Professor
Department of Electrical
and Computer Engineering
Michigan State University
Fully-printed Stretchable Electronic Devices, Circuits, Sensors, and Displays R. Martin Arthur4/14/201710 a.m.Green Hall, Room 0120
P. Scott CarneyPhD,
Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Synthetic Optical Holography R. Martin Arthur3/23/201710 a.m.Green Hall, Room 0120
Sung-Min Sohn PhD,
Assistant Professor
Department of Radiology
University of Minnesota
RF/Mixed-Signal Circuits and Systems toward Next-Generation MRI R. Martin Arthur3/9/201711 a.m.Green Hall, Room 0120
Yunlong ZiPhD,
Postdoctoral Fellow
School of Materials Science and
Georgia Institute of Technology

Capturing Energy through Triboelectric Nanogenerators: An Emerging Power Solution R. Martin Arthur3/6/20171 p.m.Green Hall, Room 0120
Shen ZengPhD,
Postdoctoral Researcher and Lecturer
Institute for Systems Theory and
Automatic Control
University of Stuttgart
Concepts and Computational Methods for Populations of Dynamical Systems R. Martin Arthur3/2/201710 a.m.Green Hall, Room 0120
Song Hu, PhD Candidate,
Graduate Research Assistant
School of Electrical &
Computer Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology
Energy-efficient, High-fidelity, and Broadband RF/millimeter-wave Signal Generation in Silicon R. Martin Arthur2/27/201710 a.m.Green Hall, Room 0120
Yuejie ChiPhD, Assistant Professor
Department of SBS- Biomedical Informatics and
Electrical & Computer Engineering
The Ohio State University
Exploiting Geometry for High-Resolution Source Localization R. Martin Arthur2/23/201710 a.m.Green Hall, Room 0120
Barmak Heshmat
PhD, Research Scientist
Department of Media Arts and Sciences
Imaging at Relativistic Speeds; The New Space Between Sensing and Imaging R. Martin Arthur2/9/201710 a.m.Green Hall, Room 0120
Bo ZhenPostdoctoral Associate
Physics Department and Research Laboratory of Electronics
Nanophotonics in Systems of Large Sizes R. Martin Arthur2/2/201711 a.m.Green Hall, Room 0120


Eugene HwangStaff Design Engineer
MEMS/Sensors Advanced Development Group
Enabling High Performance Sensors for Healthcare and Biomedical Applications Through Active Packaging and Package-Sensor Co-DesignXuan 'Silvia' Zhang12/9/201610 a.m.Green Hall, Room 0120
Anil AswaniIndustrial Engineering and Operations Research
UC Berkeley
Designing Personalized Weight Loss Treatments
Using Bilevel Programming
Humberto Gonzalez12/8/201610 a.m.Green Hall, Room 0120
Wei KangDepartment of Applied Mathematics
Naval Postgraduate School

Some Numerical Methods for Optimal ControlJr-Shin Li12/2/20162 p.m.Green Hall, Room 0120
Paul Scott Carney

Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Lens vs. Algorithm: Optical Imaging in the Age of ComputersJoseph O'Sullivan11/11/201610 a.m.Green Hall, Room 0120
Anatoly ZlotnikStaff Scientist
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Optimal Control of Physical and Market Operations in Dynamic Energy SystemsJr-Shin Li10/20/201610:10 a.m.Green Hall, Room 0120
Shen ZengPostdoctoral Researcher,
Institute for Systems Theory and Automatic Control,
University of Stuttgart

Ensemble Observability of Dynamical Systems

Jr-Shin Li10/3/201610:10 a.m.Green Hall, Room 0120
Keith BennettConsultant,
Hamamatsu Photonics
Scientific Camera Capabilities and Limitations, including Considerations for Single Molecule Localization and Lightsheet MicroscopiesMatthew Lew5/3/201610:10 a.m.Green Hall, Room 0120
Hao ZhuAssistant Professor,
Electrical and Computer Engineering,
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Decentralized Dynamic Optimization for Power Network Voltage ControlXuan Zhang4/22/20161:30 p.m.Green Hall, Room 0120
Sunil BhaveAssociate Professor,
Electrical and Computer Engineering,
Purdue University
Monolithic MEMS + Photonic Systems Xuan Zhang4/18/201610:10 a.m.Green Hall, Room 0120
Mikel HernaezPostdoctoral Researcher,
Electrical Engineering,
Stanford University
Genomic Information Representation: Present and Future Challenges Arye Nehorai4/14/201610:10 a.m.Green Hall, Room 0120
John SommererPrincipal,
Talitha Ventures
Exploring Pluto; the Spaceflight was the Easy Part Arye Nehorai4/7/20164:30 p.m.Green Hall, Room 0120
Frank RobeyAssociate Leader,
RF Technology Group,
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Electromagnetic Vector Antenna and Constrained Maximum Likelihood Imaging for Radio Astronomy Arye Nehorai4/7/20163 p.m.Green Hall, Room 0120
Melik DemirelProfessor of Engineering,
Materials Research Institute and Huck Institutes of Life Sciences,
Pennsylvania State University
Next Generation Programmable Soft Materials: From Photonics to Self-Healing Devices Lan Yang4/1/20163 p.m.Green Hall, Room 0120
Jordan M. BergENG/CMMI Program Officer,
National Science Foundation
The NSF Dynamics, Control, and System Diagnostics ProgramJr-Shin Li3/23/201610:10 a.m.Green Hall, Room 0120
Shuo HanPostdoctoral Researcher,
Electrical and Systems Engineering,
University of Pennsylvania
Data-Driven and Privacy-Aware Optimization for Smart Cities Arye Nehorai3/10/201610:10 a.m.Green Hall, Room 0120
Ramy El-GanainyAssistant Professor,
Physics Department,
Michigan Technological University (MTU)
Single Mode Supersymmetric Laser Arrays Lan Yang3/8/20163 p.m.Green Hall, Room 0120
Xudong ChenPostdoctoral Fellow, Coordinated Science Laboratory, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Interplay between Information and Objectives in Formation Control Arye Nehorai3/7/201610:10 a.m.Green Hall, Room 0120
Idoia OchoaPhD Candidate, Electrical Engineering, Stanford University Genomic Data Compression, Processing, and Analysis Arye Nehorai3/3/201610:10 a.m.Green Hall, Room 0120
Saiprasad RavishankarResearch Fellow, University of Michigan Efficient Data-Driven Learning of Sparse Signal Models Arye Nehorai2/25/201610:10 a.m.Green Hall, Room 0120
Weidong ZhouDepartment of Electrical Engineering, University of Texas at Arlington Scaling of Semiconductor Membrane Photonics for Energy Efficiency Photonics and Flexible Optoelectronics Arye Nehorai2/18/201610:10 a.m.Green Hall, Room 0120
Zhizhen Jane ZhaoCourant institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University Class Averaging of Cryo-Electron Microscopy Images Arye Nehorai2/11/201610:10 a.m.Green Hall, Room 0120
Archana VenkataramanPostdoctoral Associate, Department of Radiology & Biomedical Imaging, Yale School of Medicine An Adaptable Framework to Extract Abnormal Brain Networks Arye Nehorai2/4/201610:10 a.m.Green Hall, Room 0120
Justin Hsia

University of California, Berkeley

Design and Engineering of Pattern Formation in Gene Expression in Escherichia Coli Hiro Mukai1/29/201610:10 a.m.Green Hall, Room 0120
Kim WestonPhD candidate, Carnegie Mellon's Department of Mathematical Sciences Stability of the Optimal Investment Control Problem Zachary Feinstein 1/26/201610:10 a.m.Green Hall, Room 0120
Patricio S. La RosaResearch Data Scientist, Monsanto Company Gibbs Distribution for Statistical Analysis of Graphical Data with a Sample Application to fMRI Brain Images Arye Nehorai1/22/20161:30 p.m.Green Hall, Room 0120
Dr. Amir ArbabiSenior Research Scientist, Department of Applied Physics at Caltech Planar Free-Space Optical Components and Systems Based on Dielectric Metasurfaces Arye Nehorai1/14/201610:10 a.m.Green Hall, Room 0120


Zhi (Gerry) TianDepartment of Electrical and Computer Engineering, George Mason University Compressive Covariance Sensing Arye Nehorai12/4/20153:30 p.m.Green Hall, Room 0120
Chris BickUniversity of Exeter, College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences Localized Dynamics in Phase Oscillators with Generalized CouplingJr-Shin Li12/4/20151:30 p.m.Green Hall, Room 0120
Jonathan I. KatzDepartment of Physics, Washington University in St. Louis Drought and Storminess - There is More to Climate Change than Temperature Arye Nehorai11/30/20151:10 p.m.Green Hall, Room 0120
Elad GilboaPost-doctorate Fellow, Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, Israel Probabilistic Modeling for Asset Management of Power Grid Arye Nehorai11/13/201511:10 a.m.Green Hall, Room 0120
David Corman

Program Director,
Cyber Physical Systems Program, National Science Foundation

Cyber-Physical Systems: Past, Present, and Future PerspectivesArye Nehorai10/30/20151:30 p.m.Green Hall, Room 0120
Kader S. GacemMaster Patent Agent Tolpin & Partners, PC Intellectual property primer for researchers and EngineersHiro Mukai10/23/20151:10 p.m.Green Hall, Room 0120
Brandon WestoverHarvard Medical School/ Massachusetts General Hospital Burst Suppression EEG Patterns: Towards Robust Closed-Loop Control of Anesthesia for Refractory Status Epilepticus ShiNung Ching10/12/20151:10 p.m.Green Hall, Room 0120
Isaac SkogDepartment of Signal Processing, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden Signal Processing in Motion Sensing Systems Arye Nehorai9/21/201510:10 a.m.Green Hall, Room 0120
Semyon MeerkovDepartment of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Michigan Resilient Plant Monitoring Systems: Techniques, Analysis, Design, and Performance Evaluation ShiNung Ching5/28/20151:00 p.m.Green Hall, Room 0120
Zhenyu LiDepartment of Biomedical Engineering, George Washington University Wearable Biosensors and Handheld Microfluidics: Tools for Biology and Medicine Arye Nehorai5/26/201510:10 a.m.Green Hall, Room 0120
Ralf ToenjesPostdoctoral Research and Teaching Assistant, Statistical Physics and Theory of Chaos group, University of Potsdam Synchronization in Sparse Networks of Oscillators Jr-Shin Li5/22/201511:10 a.m.Green Hall, Room 0120
Kamil EkinciMechanical Engineering Department, Boston University Nanomechanical Probing of Physical and Biological Phenomena Lan Yang5/19/201510:10 a.m.Green Hall, Room 0120
Guangyu XuMIT Media Lab Building Integrated Molecule Detection and Multiplexed Cell Imaging Tools for Personal HealthLan Yang5/11/201510:10 a.m.Green Hall, Room 0120
Mark W. SpongLars Magnus Ericsson Chair and Dean Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science, The University of Texas at Dallas Control and Applications of Networked Robots Joseph O'Sullivan5/7/20151:10 p.m.Green Hall, Room 0120
Bijoy GhoshCenter for BioCybernetics and Intelligent Systems, Texas Tech University Eye and Head Rotation form a Donderian Perspective Joseph O'Sullivan5/8/201510:10 a.m.Green Hall, Room 0120
Hardiv SitumeangChairman of the Indonesian National Committee, World Energy Council (KNI-WEC) Long-term decarbonization to achieve low carbon development path of energy sector Arye Nehorai4/23/201510:10 a.m.Green Hall, Room 0120
Alper KirazDepartment of Physics, Koç University Optofluidic Lasers and waveguides for applications in bio and energy photonics Lan Yang3/27/20152:10 p.m.Green Hall, Room 0120
Jhi-Young Joo Electrical and Computer Engineering, Missouri University of Science and Technology Distributed scheduling of demand resources in a congested network Arye Nehorai3/27/201511:10 a.m.Green Hall, Room 0120
Erol GelenbeThe Dennis Gabor Professor and Head of Intelligent Systems and Networks Imperial College London Modeling Energy Flows with Energy Packets: from Nano- to Mega-WattsArye Nehorai3/26/201511:10 a.m.Green Hall, Room 0120
Kerry BernsteinProgram Manager, DARPA MTO On the Matter of TrustArye Nehorai3/23/20152:10 p.m.Green Hall, Room 0120