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ESE Seminar: Dr. Neal Patwari Seminar: Dr. Neal Patwari 2019-01-17T06:00:00ZNeal Patwari Ph.D<p>​Professor</p><p>Department of Electrical and Systems Engineering </p><p>Washington University in St. Louis<br/></p><p><a class="nothumblink button" href="/Events/Pages/ESE-Seminar-Dr--Neal-Patwari.aspx">Watch the video</a></p>Green Hall, Room 0120 Rodin Auditorium10:00 a.m.Bruno Sinopoli
ESE Seminar: Umberto Villa Ph.D Seminar: Umberto Villa Ph.D2019-01-24T06:00:00ZUmberto Villa <p>​Research Assistant Professor</p><p>Department of Electrical and Systems Engineering</p><p>Washington University in St. Louis<br/></p><p> <a class="nothumblink button" href="/Events/Pages/ESE-Seminar-Umberto-Villa-Ph-D.aspx">Watch the video</a><br/></p>Green Hall, Room 0120 Rodin Auditorium10:00 a.m.Joseph O'Sullivan
ESE Seminar: Chris Rozell Ph.D Seminar: Chris Rozell Ph.D2019-01-31T06:00:00ZChris Rozell Ph.D<p>​Professor </p><p>Electrical and Computer Engineering </p><p>Georgia Institute of Technology</p>Green Hall, Room 0120 Rodin Auditorium10:00 a.m.ShiNung Ching
ESE Seminar: Shaoshuai Mou Ph.D Seminar: Shaoshuai Mou Ph.D2019-02-14T06:00:00ZShaoshuai Mou Ph.D<p>​Assistant Professor</p><p>Autonomous & Intelligent Multi-agent Systems (AIMS) Lab</p><p>Perdue University </p><p></p>Green Hall, Room 0120 Rodin Audiorium 10:00 a.m.Jr-Shin Li
ESE Seminar: Paul Bogdan Ph.D Seminar: Paul Bogdan Ph.D2019-02-21T06:00:00ZPaul Bogdan, Ph.D<p>​Assistant Professor at the University of Southern California<br/></p><p><a href="/Events/Documents/Paul%20Bogdan%202.21.19%20Seminar.pdf">Decoding the Laws of Emergence and Self-Organization in Complex Collectives: Lessons Learned from Biological Systems</a></p>Green Hall, Room 0120 Rodin Auditorium10:00 a.m.Bruno Sinopoli
ESE Seminar: Miroslav Krstic Seminar: Miroslav Krstic2019-02-22T06:00:00ZMiroslav Krstic Ph.D<p>Sr. Associate Vice Chancellor for Research<br/>Director, Cymer Center for Control Systems and Dynamics<br/> Daniel L. Alspach Endowed Chair in Dynamic Systems and Control<br/> Distinguished Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering <br/>University of California, San Diego </p><p><a href="/Events/Documents/Miroslav%20Krstic%20Seminar%202.22.19.pdf">Regulation-Triggered Adaptive Control</a><br/></p>Green Hall, Room 0120 Rodin Auditorium10:00 a.m.Dr. Shen Zeng
ESE Seminar: John Schotland, Ph.D,-Ph-D.aspxESE Seminar: John Schotland, Ph.D2019-03-08T06:00:00ZJohn Schotland, Ph.D<p>Professor</p><p>Department of Mathematics<br/></p><p>Department of Physics</p><p>University of Michigan<br/></p><p><a href="/Events/Documents/Seminar%20Announcement%20Template.pdf">Quantum Optics in Random Media </a><br/></p>Green Hall, Room 0120 Rodin Auditorium10:00 a.m.JT Shen
ESE Seminar: Dorothy Wang Seminar: Dorothy Wang2019-03-27T05:00:00ZDorothy Wang, Ph.D.<p>​Principal Physics Scientist<br/></p><p>Halliburton, Houston, TX<br/></p><p><a href="/Events/Documents/Dorothy%20Wang%20Seminar.pdf">Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing Based on Acoustic Wave</a><br/></p>Green Hall Room 0120 - Rodin Auditorium11:00 a.m.Dr. Bruno Sinopoli
ESE Seminar: Na Li, PhD Seminar: Na Li, PhD2019-03-28T05:00:00ZNa Li , Ph.D<p>​Associate Professor<br/>Electrical Engineering and Applied Mathematics <br/>Harvard University<br/><a href="/Events/Documents/Na%20Li%20Seminar_Final.pdf">Distributed Decision Making in Network Systems: Algorithms, Fundamental Limits, and Applications </a><br/></p><p><br/></p>Green Hall, Room 0120 Rodin Auditorium10:00 a.m.Jr-Shin Li
ESE Seminar: Konstantinos Gatsis, PhD,-PhD.aspxESE Seminar: Konstantinos Gatsis, PhD2019-04-04T05:00:00ZKonstantinos Gatsis, PhD<p>​Postdoctoral Researcher<br/>Department of Electrical and Systems Engineering <br/>University of Pennsylvania<br/><a href="/Events/Documents/Konstantinos%20Gatsis%20Seminar.pdf">Control for the Internet-of-Things</a><br/></p><p><br/></p>Green Hall, Room 0120 Rodin Auditorium10:00 a.m.
ESE Seminar: Nelson Tansu, Ph.D,-Ph-D.aspxESE Seminar: Nelson Tansu, Ph.D2019-04-11T05:00:00ZNelson Tansu, Ph.D<p>Daniel E. '39 & Patricia M. Smith Chair Professor</p><p>Director, Center for Photonics and Nanoelectronics</p><p>Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering</p><p>Lehigh University </p><p><a href="/Events/Documents/Nelson%20Tansu%20Seminar_Final.pdf">Next Generation III-Nitride Semiconductors-from Sciences to Systems</a><br/></p>Green Hall, Room 0120 Rodin Auditorium10:00 a.m.Lan Yang
ESE Seminar: Steve Brunton, Ph.D Seminar: Steve Brunton, Ph.D2019-04-18T05:00:00ZSteve Brunton, Ph.D<p>​Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering at University of Washington<br/></p><p><br/></p>Green Hall, Room 0120 Rodin Auditorium10:00 a.m.Jr-Shin Li & Shen Zeng
ESE Seminar: Chuan Wang, Ph.D Seminar: Chuan Wang, Ph.D2019-04-25T05:00:00ZChuan Wang, Ph.D<p>​Assistant Professor, Electrical and Systems Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis<br/></p><br/>Green Hall, Room 0120 Rodin Auditorium10:00 a.m.Bruno Sinopoli

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