Networking Event for Graduate Students Event for Graduate Students2018-03-22T05:00:00Z6 p.m.8 p.m.Whitaker Hall Atrium<ul><li>Students will have the opportunity to network with professionals and engineers in industry who might already be working at your dream jobs! <br/></li><li>We have a wide range of company representatives coming, such as Monsanto, Boeing, Pfizer, and Google, and they'll be sure to provide invaluable advice on how to navigate your future careers!  <br/></li><li>Free food and drinks will be provided. <br/></li></ul>Association for Graduate Engineering Students, AGES
Women & Engineering Leadership Society Summit & Engineering Leadership Society Summit2018-04-07T05:00:00Z8:30 a.m.3 p.m.The Knight Center, Danforth Campus<a href="" class="widget_button red" style="background-color: #172752;">>> Register to attend.<span style="background-color: #ffffff; color: #222222; font-size: 16px;">​​​</span></a><p>The goal of the Summit is to strengthen women engineers affiliated with Washington University by providing workshops and speakers centered around personal and professional development. The event will connect alumnae and students who can learn from one another and expand networks.<br/></p><p> <strong>Presentations and Workshops will feature:</strong><br/><br/><strong>Aaron Bobick</strong><br/>Dean and James M. McKelvey Professor<br/><br/><strong>Abigail Cohen, BSBME '13</strong><br/>Co-Founder/Co-CEO, Sparo Labs<br/><br/><strong>Mariah Gratz, BSBME '02</strong><br/>CEO, Weyland Ventures<br/><br/><strong>Katie Johnson, BSME '10</strong><br/>Senior User Experience Researcher, EchoUser<br/><br/><strong>Cheryl Perlmutter, BSME '00 PMBA '05</strong><br/>Senior Manager of Sourcing, Edward Jones<br/><br/><b>Polly Shrewsbury, BSChE '95<br/></b>COO, FourLeaf, LLC<br/></p>Engineering Alumni & Development,
Responsible Conduct of Research Workshop: Data Management Best Practices Conduct of Research Workshop: Data Management Best Practices2018-04-18T05:00:00Z2 p.m.3:30 p.m.Brauer Hall, Room 12<p><a href="">>> Register to attend.</a></p><p><strong>Presenter: </strong>Cynthia Hudson-Vitale, Data Services Coordinator, University Libraries</p><p>Responsible data management is the proper and ethical selection, collection, handling, analysis, and publication of research data generated throughout a project’s lifecycle. This Responsible Conduct of Research event will cover these important areas of research data management and highlight useful tools that can be leveraged to increase data management efficiencies. Attendees to this hands-on workshop will leave with a draft data management plan and a variety of strategies (technical and manual) for effectively managing research data.</p><p>Attendance will be recorded to Learn@Work to help fulfill the Continuing RCR Education Requirement for participating researchers. Face-to-face RCR training is required annually NSF and certain NIH awards:</p><ul style="color: #212121; font-family: wf_segoe-ui_normal, "segoe ui", "segoe wp", tahoma, arial, sans-serif, serif, emojifont; font-size: medium; margin-top: 14pt; margin-bottom: 0px;"><li><p>NSF - Undergraduates, graduate students, and postdocs on any NSF award are required to receive 1 hour of face-to-face education per year (in addition to one-time completion of the online <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">PERCSS curriculum</a>).</p></li><li><p>NIH - Undergraduates, graduate students, and postdocs on NIH training grants, career awards, or fellowships are required to receive 8 hours of RCR education.</p></li></ul>
Engineering Honors Ceremony Honors Ceremony2018-04-18T05:00:00Z4 p.m.5:30 p.m.Whitaker Hall, Room 100<p>Dean Aaron Bobick invites all to celebrate and recognize outstanding students, staff and faculty at this annual event.</p><p>If you have questions regarding<a href="/Events/Pages/awards-norm.aspx"> award eligibility or the nomination process</a>, please contact Tara Crites.<br/></p>Kim Shilling, 314-935-6100
Engineering Design Demo Day Design Demo Day2018-04-20T05:00:00Z2 p.m.3:30 p.m.Lopata Gallery<p>​ESE 205, Engineering Design, will showcase their final projects.<br/></p><p>Undergraduate research projects include:<br/></p><p></p><ul><li>Accessibility Map <br/></li><li>Cycle Charger<br/></li><li>Don't Fret (guitar pedal)<br/></li><li>Find My Kid <br/></li><li>Laundry Alert<br/></li><li>MedLit (medical reminder)<br/></li><li>Motion Powered Battery<br/></li><li>NFC Lock<br/></li><li>Pi Car Communication<br/></li><li>Room Navigator <br/></li><li>Smart Lock<br/></li><li>Tech Reflect Voice<br/></li><li>Tool Tracker<br/></li><li>Vybz (automatic volume adjuster)<br/></li></ul><p></p>Jim Feher,
Alumni Achievement Awards Achievement Awards2018-04-26T05:00:00Z6 p.m.Saint Louis Art Museum, 1 Fine Arts Drive, St. Louis, MO 63110<p><a href="">​>> Register to attend.</a><br/></p><p>Join Dean Aaron Bobick and the School of Engineering & Applied Science in honoring the 2018 award recipients.<br/></p><p><strong>6 p.m.</strong> — Reception<br/><strong>6:30 p.m.</strong> — Program<br/>Dinner to follow.<br/></p><p rtenodeid="3"><strong>Young Alumni Award<br/></strong>Ms. Nathalie de Vos Burchart, BSChE '04<br/>Managing Partner<br/>Heathwood Enterprises, Ltd. </p><p><strong>Alumni Achievement Awards<br/></strong>Mr. Vincent Belusko, BSCivE '78<br/>Partner<br/>Morrison & Foerster, LLP</p><p>Mr. Steve Lowy, BSChE '68 MSChE '70<br/>President - Lowy Enterprises, Inc.<br/>Chairman - Envision, LLC<br/></p><p>Mr. Cedric Yu, MSEE '85, DScEE '89<br/>Professor, Radiation Oncology<br/>University of Maryland School of Medicine</p><p><strong>Dean's Award </strong><em>on behalf of their leadership with the Women & Engineering Initiative</em><br rtenodeid="3"/>Ms. Jan Holloway, MSAMCS '88<br/>Senior Vice President, Chief of Staff<br/>and Community Relations<br/>Monsanto</p><p>Ms. Michele Liebman, BSSDP '86<br/>Principle (ret.)<br/>Edward Jones<br/></p>Engineering Alumni & Development, 314-935-8730