Velocity Tracking

��� Of Moving Objects

������� Using Ultrasound


We develop and implement tracking algorithm to track the velocity of a mobile object using the Doppler Shift phenomenon. We use an ultrasonic transmitter and receiver pair to transmit and receive the signals.  We first demonstrate feasibility of the project with a full simulation of a delayed and Doppler shifted signal, from which we track the position and velocity of the moving object using cross correlation methods.  We then implement a physical system to transmit and receive the Doppler shifted signal.  We use filtering and smoothing to reduce the noise on the received signal and then use the correlation method in frequency domain to find the Doppler shift.� The measured Doppler shift is used to find the velocity of the object.

As part of his Undergraduate Research, Chady Gemayel worked on Velocity Tracking of Moving Objects Using Ultrasound during the spring 2011 semester.� The work was a part of the Robotics Sensing Project, a research group in the Electrical and Systems Science Engineering Department at Washington University in St. Louis.� The research was headed by Professor Nehorai and Ed Richter, with guidance from Phani Chavali.