Mixed Integer Goal Programming Problem Using the Monte Carlo Method in Research Facility Scheduling Dilemma

Allison Deal

Rhyan Johnson

Eleonora Willgren

ESE 499 Senior Design Project

Fall 2009 - Spring 2010

This website details the Washington University Senior Systems Design Project as completed by Allison Deal, Rhyan Johnson, and Eleonora Willgren. It depicts a Monte Carlo approach to an integer programming, weighted goal assignment problem for scheduling and organizing staff within an observed office space. The details of the problem, the approach, the solution methods, and the outcomes of this systems design project are explained herein. Modifications to the proposed project idea and reasons for method approach changes are discussed. In the end, a small-scale model that is operational by the Microsoft Excel Solver is given and results for small data sets are analyzed. It can be assumed that similar solutions will exist on a larger-scale model when a more robust solver can be used. Conclusions about the methods and results are drawn and recommendations for future work in this area are proposed.   


Problem Details



Conclusions and Future Work

Project Proposal