Chemical Source Localization Using Electronic Nose Robotics


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A comparison of several raw signals to the significant peaks detected demonstrates that the Labview algorithm is working properly.  However, while development of the Matlab peak detection algorithm is almost complete, it is still underway.  Preliminary peak-matching results suggest that the parts of the algorithm that have been created are also functioning smoothly.

Preliminary results of the voting system seem to indicate that, for the majority of trials, the sensors on the bottom portion of the sensor array sense the isopropyl alcohol source first, regardless of the source location.  In other words, even when the alcohol source is located above the sensor array, the algorithm very often votes that the source is actually located below the array.  Comparisons of the raw signals to the processed data suggests that this error is not a manifestation of problems in Labview or Matlab algorithms; instead, the error seems to be a result of the voltage signals themselves.