WU Micro-Robots

WU Micro-Robot Project

The purpose of this project was to design and build several micro-robots no larger than 1 cubic cm. These robots competed in the Annual Japanese Micro-Robot Maze Contest in Nagoya, Japan November 9th of 2008.
During the course of this project, two students explored different methods of propulsion, power, and control on the micro scale. The goal was not only to win the competition but also to gain a valuable understanding of the design principles involved with building such a small machine.
The students involved are both seniors in Engineering at Washington University in St.Louis. One student is an Electrical Engineering student, while the other is a Systems Engineering student. By combining the two disciplines, the project takes on several different aspects of engineering principles that are found in a real-world design setting.
The competition occured on November 9th in Nagoya, Japan. We had a great experience and learned much about robotics, engineering and Japanese culture. We hope this site will provide the reader with enough information  to pursue a future entry in the annual competition, which is held every November. The details of our Robots design, fabrication, and performance are described on the pages found in the navigation to the left.  We hope you find it usefull!
Brookings Hall, Washington University Campus in St. Louis MO.