The Operations Effects of Troop Morale:                             

A System Dynamics Approach





            Understanding the interplay between ground warfare and troop morale is a difficult task. War is a complicated affair, with numerous interconnected variables combining to create drastic effects. The sheer volume of events and factors unique to warfare make it a hard topic to fully analyze and understand, especially when the analysis seeks to connect warfare with a somewhat subjective topic like troop morale.

             System dynamics modeling is a tool that allows analysts to explore both the quantitative and qualitative aspects of a problem. Where analytical solutions are reliable and valuable it provides an elegant way of solving complex systems of differential equations. Additionally, for problems that are less easily defined in quantitative terms it provides an effective venue through which to generate discussion on what specific variables are important to a given problem and the specific interactions between them. My project seeks to apply system dynamics principles, both quantitative and qualitative, to the complex topic of ground warfare effectiveness and troop morale. The model I produced is useful for generating basic quantitative analyses of ground combat scenarios, helping understand the myriad of interconnected factors important to troop morale, and able to be easily extended to deal with other combat-related questions.

System Dynamics Model


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