FedEx: A World on Time
An Optimization Problem

The report...


It's 5 am, and the parking lot is...

The Problem
The main problem was the AM sort was becoming...

Analysis of Alternatives
Now that our problem has been defined,...

I have successfully defined five alternatives...

Since the start of this project...

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FedEx: A World on Time

You have reached the site of my Senior Design Project!!

I am at FedEx every morning at 5 a.m.; Why, you say...Because this is my part-time job. From this daily experience, I have learned many things about the real world. One thing I have learned for sure, is that everything does not work out quite like you want it to. But mainly, problems are never simple. However, as I have learned in school, there are many tools that can be utilized to help solve these problems. But note that any tool you use to help form a solution is just a tool, not the decision maker.


One of the three box-throwers off loading our first truck of the day. Notice, he is unlaoding a "side-load" truck.

So, as a general rule, FedEx's am box sort should end at 7:15a. In the last couple of months, this has not been happening; we have been running over our alotted time. This has cost FedEx in time and money. In short, my project was to identfy the exact reason our sort was extending the specified time period, analyze all alternatives, find a solution, and implement.

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