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Second Major in Systems Science

A second major is ideal for study in many areas, such as physics, chemistry, economics and computational biology.

Students in undergraduate divisions other than Engineering now have the opportunity to pursue a second major in the Preston M. Green Department of Electrical & Systems Engineering in the School of Engineering & Applied Science.

The requirements for a second major in systems science are:

  • ESE 251 (Introduction to Systems Science & Engineering), Math 309 (Matrix Algebra), ESE 351 (Signals & Systems), ESE 403 (Operations Research)
  • One of the following: ESE 318 (Engineering Mathematics A), ESE 319 (Engineering Mathematics B), ESE 326 (Probability and Statistics for Engineering), ESE 441 (Control Systems Design)
  • Eight 3-unit ESE courses in the Systems area chosen from ESE 317 through 326; ESE 400 through 429; ESE 437; ESE 440 through 459; ESE 470 through 489; 500 through 529; ESE 540 through 559.

Required and elective systems science and engineering courses must be taken for a letter grade and not on a pass/fail basis.

Students may petition to substitute systems-oriented courses from other disciplines for two of these eight courses (for example, courses in computational physics, mathematical economics, or computational mathematics). When such substitutions are employed, the total number of units for non Arts and Science courses will be 30 units. Within this second major in systems science, areas of concentration are possible in: Robotics, Control Systems and Operations Research. This totals from 34 to 40 units of systems science, depending on use of the substitution option for upper-level electives. To design a customized program, contact the departmental chair or the director of the program, Professor Katz.

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