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Minor in Systems Science & Engineering

This minor consists of fundamental courses in control systems and operations research. In the area of control systems, students will get introduced to design techniques for controlling engineering and socio-economic systems such as airplanes, automobiles, nuclear reactors, ecological systems, communication networks, nation’s economy, and biological systems. In the area of operations research, students get introduced to techniques for optimally managing business resources and controlling business networks such as supply chains.


Students who complete 15 units of coursework in systems science and engineering subjects at Washington University as specified below may be awarded a minor in Systems Science & Engineering.

The required courses for the minor are:

1. ESE 205, Introduction to Engineering Design
2. ESE 351, Signals and Systems
3. ESE 403 or 404, Operations Research or Applied Operations Research
4. ESE 441, Control Systems

Students must select one systems science and engineering elective course from the following list: ESE 400 through 425 except 409; ESE 437; ESE 440 through 459 except 449; ESE 470 through 489.

Required and elective systems science and engineering courses must be taken for a letter grade and not on a pass/fail basis.

Prerequisite info:

Physics 117A and 118A
Math 217
CSE 131
ESE 318 (coreq for ESE 351)

For more information, contact the director (Heinz Schaettler) for the minor.

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