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ESE103: Introduction to Electrical Engineering

ESE103 provides an exciting overview with hands-on introduction to Electrical Engineering (EE), putting the FUN into the EE FUNdamentals. We will learn how the EE education enables solving problems in health care, sustainable energy, environmental monitoring, security, information analysis, communications systems, robotics, and electronics design.

We will hear from EE faculty how their cutting edge research solves these problems by developing (i) optical computing devices that increase the speed of computers, (ii) nanotechonolgy microlasers that provide super-sensitive detectors for environmental monitoring and medicine, (iii) automatic image analysis of X-Ray Computed Tomography, PET, Ultrasound and Electrocardiography. Additionally, we will discuss solutions to sustainable energy systems, build a small solar powered motor, study the underlying principles of the iPod and build a small robotic vision system.

The ESE103 experiments are designed to be easy to conduct and understand and to emphasize these underlying principles. At the beginning of each class a faculty member will present the applications of their cutting edge research. This will be followed by an experiment which will provide an introduction to the underlying principles. Students work in groups of 2 in the newly renovated Bryan 316 laboratory. Each station is equipped with a modern Quad-Core computer and a versatile integrated Data Acquisition system. Using this lab equipment, students design and build solutions to the exercises. The students also learn to program the computers in LabVIEW to control the Data Acquisition system.

Contact: Ed Richter Jolley 422, ed@ese.wustl.edu

Scenes from ESE103: Introduction to Electrical Engineering in Bryan 316

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