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"Deciding to co-op has been one of the best decisions I've made in my college career. During my co-op, I've been exposed to the reality of several different engineering disciplines. This perspective has helped me narrow down my choice of career path, as well as better understands the types of skills one needs to succeed in the working world. Working a full time job has also given me a greater appreciation for the unique academic and social opportunities intrinsic to the college experience. The knowledge I've gained and the contacts I've made during my co-op experience will be invaluable to me when I start looking for a full time job upon graduation."
- Jordan Bletscher

"I have no doubt that this coop experience and training I receive is invaluable for my preparation to my career in the power engineering. I am working for the distribution system planning department at Ameren Services downtown St. Louis. My daily jobs include extensive analysis on 34.5 kV sub-transmission lines in Ameren Service areas in both Missouri and Illinois; converting Alpha VMS Fortran programs (transformer heat run program, underground cable rating program, conductor rating program, etc.) to the Compaq Visual Fortran (PC version); assisting the planning engineers for load analysis data (distribution transformer loads and temperature data) acquisition; and running the simulation for the power flow of the distribution circuits using PSS/E applications. Other miscellaneous tasks include drawing the one-line diagrams in Visio for various projects, converting the PSS/E draw files into slider files, and drafting the project notifications for Ameren's customers. I am glad to be part of the group's member and assisting them in their planning."
- Aung Sint

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