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Barbara Shrauner

Senior Professor
Barbara Abraham Shrauner held postdoctoral appointments at the Universite Libre de Bruxelles where she held the AAUW Illinois Fellowship and then at the NASA-Ames Research Center where she held a NAS-NASA Fellowship. She joined the Department of Electrical Engineering at Washington University in 1966. She retired from full-time service as Professor in 2003 and is currently a Senior Professor in the Department of Electrical and Systems Engineering. She is a Fellow of the American Physical Society and a Senior Member of IEEE.
She has done research in the past on space plasmas, on plasma theory, on charge effects in blood clotting, on high electric field transport in III-V semiconductors, on plasma etching of semiconductors and on sputter deposition by plasmas of thin films such as GaAs for applications in infrared optoelectronics. Her recent research includes symmetry analysis of nonlinear differential equations, especially hidden symmetries of nonlinear ordinary differential equations. Symmetries of differential equations may be used to simplify the differential equations and many analytic solutions are found as a result of symmetry analysis. The analysis of hidden symmetries of linear and nonlinear partial differential partial equations has discovered a new type of hidden symmetry not seen in ordinary differential equations. She has also done model research in phloem translocation in plants and leaf initiation that determines phyllotaxis of leaves in plants. She has investigated several plasma problems recently. One is the Weibel instability of counter streaming streams that has applications in collisionless shocks. An ongoing project is a generalization of force-free Harris sheets in the Vlasov-Maxwell approximation that may model current sheets in the reconnections of magnetic fields.
Selected Publications
B. B. Abraham-Shrauner, Force-free Jacobian equilibria for Vlasov-Maxwell plasmas, Phys. Plasmas 20, 102117 (2013).

Abraham-Shrauner and B. G. Pickard, “A model for leaf initiation, Determination of phyllotaxis by waves in the generative circle,” Plant Signaling & Behavior 6, 1755-1768 (2011).

B. Abraham-Shrauner, “Weibel instability and quasi-equilbria for collisionless plasmas,” Plasma Phys. and Control. Fusion 52, 025003 (2010).

William F. Pickard and B. Abraham-Shrauner, “A “simplest” steady-state Münch-like model of phloem translocation, with source and pathway and sink,” Functional Plant Biology 36, 629-644 (2009).

Keshlan S Govinder and B. Abraham-Shrauner, “On the origins of symmetries of Partial Differential Equations: the example of the Korteweg-de-Vries equation,” J. Nonl. Math. Phys. Proceedings of Euler Tercentenary Workshop. 15 , 60-68 (2008).

B. Abraham-Shrauner and Keshlan S Govinder, “Master Partial Differential Equations for a Type II Hidden Symmetry,” J. Math. Anal. Appl. 343 525-530 (2008).

B. Abraham-Shrauner, “Large-Amplitude Electron Plasma Oscillations,” J. Plasma Physics, 74 431- 436 (2008) (online December, 2007).

B. Abraham-Shrauner, “Type II hidden symmetries of the second heavenly equation,” Phys. Lett. A 369 299-302 (2007).

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PhD, Harvard University, 1962
AM, Harvard University, 1957
BA, University of Colorado, 1956

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