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Jinsong Zhang

Jinsong Zhang obtained his PhD degree in electrical engineering from University of Miami in 2003. From 2004 to 2008, he worked as a research scientist/research assistant professor at Florida International University. He was employed as an assistant professor at the University of Tulsa since 2008. He joined Washington University at St Louis as a lecturer in August 2014.
Dr. Zhang’s research has been focused in the area of modeling and performance analysis of vehicular wireless communication systems. He also has experience in development of distributed wireless sensor networks with applications in target tracking and environment monitoring. Dr. Zhang’s research interests and expertise are also in the areas of multi-source information fusion and inferences under ambiguous and incomplete information.
Selected Publications
J. Zhang, X. Ma, and T. Wu, “Performance Modeling and Analysis of Emergency Message Propagation in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks”, Wiley’s Journal on Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing (2012), DOI: 10.1002/wcm.2188.

X. Ma, J. Zhang, X. Yin, and K. Trivedi, “Design and Analysis of a Robust Broadcast Scheme for VANET Safety-Related Services”, IEEE Trans. On Vehicular Technology, Vol. 61, NO. 1, Jan. 2012.

X. Ma, J. Zhang and T. Wu, “Reliability Analysis of One-hop Safety-Critical Broadcast Services in VANETs”, IEEE Trans. On Vehicular Technology, pp. 3933~3946, Vol. 60, No. 8, Oct. 2011

J. Zhang, M. Walpola, D. Roelant, H. Zhu and K. Yen, “Self-organization of Unattended Wireless Acoustic Sensor Networks for Ground Target Tracking”, Elsevier Journal on Pervasive Mobile Computing, Vol. 5, Issue 2, 2009, pp148-164

M. Chen, J. Zhang, M.N. Murthi, K. Premaratne, “Delay-based TCP Congestion Avoidance: A Network Calculus Interpretation and Performance Improvements”, Elsevier Journal of Computer Networks, Vol. 53, Issue 9, 2009, pp1319-1340

X. Zhang, H. Zhu and J. Zhang, "RANC: Relay-aided Network Coding in Multi-Hop Wireless Networks", Elsevier Journal of Computer Communications, Vol. 32, Issue 5, 2009, pp974-984

K. Premaratne, J. Zhang, and M. Dogruel, “Location Information Aided Task-oriented Self- organization of Ad Hoc Sensor Networks”. IEEE Sensors Journal, Feb. 2004

Jinsong Zhang
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