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    Alumnus Profile: Navin Khaneja

    Dr. Navin Khaneja (MSEE 1996), the Gordon McKay Professor of Electrical Engineering at Harvard University, is doing research in control theory.

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    Undergrad team abstract accepted to neural engineering conference

    Brain Computer Interface, an undergraduate research team in the ESE department, designed an interface that allows people to navigate an eBook with their brain signals. The abstract was accepted by the IEEE EMBS international conference on Neural Engineering.

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    Alumnus Profile: Wei Lin Case Western Reserve University

    Professor Lin (MS SSM 1991 and DSc SSM 1993) is now a Professor at the Case Western Reserve University Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

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    Alumnus Profile: Guarev Garg

    Mr. Guarev Garg (BSEE 1988, BSCS 1988, MSEE 1990) has held numerous positions both in engineering and venture capital.

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    Alumnus Profile: Jonathan Caulkins Carnegie Mellon University

    Professor Jonathan Caulkin (BS/MS SSM 1987) has published many papers on his work on public policy in general and drug policy specifically and is the author or co-author of nine books.

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    Alumna Profile: Allison King, Assistant Professor in the Washington University Medical School

    Dr. King (BSEE 1992) does research on children with sickle cell disease and cognitive deficits.

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    Alumnus Profile: Fabio Celani of Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

    Professor Fabio Celani (MSc SSM, 1999, DSc SSM, 2003) is Assistant Professor at Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

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    Alumnus Profile: Aaron D. Lanterman of the Georgia Institute of Technology

    Professor Aaron D. Lanterman (MScEE 1995, DSc EE 1998) is Associate Professor at Georgia Tech

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    Alumnus Profile: Justin Ruths , of Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD)

    Dr. Justin Ruths (PhD SSM 2011) is Assistant Professor at SUTD

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    Alumnus Profile: David Sandel, President of Sandel & Associates

    Mr. David Sandel (BSEE 1985) is working to develop and improve Gigabit communities.

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