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    ESE discovery could help in the battle against hackers

    A discovery made in the mid-90’s by two professors of electrical engineering may help lead to more secure credit card payments.

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    Alumnus Profile: James V. Leonard, senior technical fellow at Boeing Defense Space & Security, to receive Alumni Achievement Award

    Mr. Leonard (MSEE 1966) opened the door to integrating the Harpoon missile on the F-16 fighter by developing the Harpoon University Launch Adapter Unit.

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    Alumnus Profile: T. Alan Hurwitz, President of Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C., to receive Alumni Achievement Award

    Dr. Hurwitz (BSEE 1965) is at the forefront of higher education for the deaf in the United States.

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    Alumnus Profile: W. E. Moerner, chair of the Department of Chemistry at Stanford University, to receive Alumni Achievement Award

    Dr. Moerner (BSEE 1975), Professor in Chemistry and Professor of Applied Physics at Stanford University, has created a new field of science.

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    Alumnus Profile: Lt. Kyle Woerner of the U.S. Navy

    Lt. Woerner (BSSSE 2004), a lieutenant in the U.S. Navy, has risen above his peers with the help of his experiences and education at Washington University.

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    Students awarded for National Science Foundation video

    Graduate students Daniel McGibney, Paul Dohmen, and Ignacio de Erausquin won an award for the "Graduate K-12 Video Competition" while under the direction of their mentor, Prof. Hiro Mukai.

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    Students to turn university housing ‘green’

    Students from three schools at Washington University, including the School of Engineering & Applied Science, are participating in a pioneering project to make some university-owned housing more sustainable.

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    Alumnus Profile: Preston M. Green, Former President of Southwest Steel Supply Co.

    Mr. Green (BSEE 1936), an industrialist and philanthropist. The ESE department and the new building that houses it since 2012 are named after him.

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    Alumni Profile: T. Alan Hurwitz, President of Gallaudet University

    Dr. T. Alan Hurwitz (BSEE 1965) became the tenth president of Gallaudet University.

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    Salad entrepreneur

    “Washington University has everything you need to craft yourself into whatever you need to be able to reach your goals," says Systems Science & Engineering student and restaurateur Sarah Haselkorn.

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