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    Alumnus Moerner wins 2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

    W. E. Moerner, PhD, an electrical engineering alumnus, has been awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for 2014, along with two other scientists.

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    Alumnus Profile: Dr. Marija Nikolić of the University of Belgrade

    Dr. Marija Nikolić (PhD EE, 2011, advisor: Dr. Nehorai), joined the faculty of the University of Belgrade as an assistant professor at the School of Electrical Engineering. Dr. Nikolić’s current interests are sparse imaging, microwave imaging of breast cancer, and microwave imaging of the brain.

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    Alumnus Profile: Dr. Chrysanthe Preza of the University of Memphis

    Dr. Chrysanthe Preza (D.Sc. EE 1998, advisor: Dr. Snyder) is an Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Memphis, and the principal investigator of the Computational Imaging Research Laboratory.

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    Electrical Engineering Ranked High in Average Starting Pay

    In an article, posted on USA Today, ranking the top 10 highest paying college majors, Electrical Engineering ranked second to Petroleum engineering in average starting pay.

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    Rapid Growth in ESE Awarded Degrees

    The number of ESE degrees awarded has grown significantly from 54 in 2010 to 154 In 2014, which is now the largest number in the School of Engineering. ESE also awarded more BS degrees (89) and MS degrees (57) than any other engineering department.

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    Systems Engineering Student, Carolyn Arden (BSSSE 2016), leads the Washington University Guatemala Initiative

    Carolyn Arden (BSSSE 2016) led a team of several other undergraduate engineering students to volunteer, repairing critical medical equipment, at Roosevelt Hospital in Guatemala City, Guatemala.

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    Alumnus Profile: Dr. Daryl Beetner of the Missouri University of Science and Technology

    Dr. Daryl Beetner (D.Sc. EE 1998) is the Chair of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the Missouri University of Science and Technology.

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    Alumnus Profile – Dr. Prakash Narayan of the University of Maryland

    Dr. Prakash Narayan (M.Sc. SSM 1978, D.Sc. EE 1981) is now a Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Maryland, College Park.

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    Alumnus Profile: Mr. Rick Butler of Cisco Systems

    Mr. Rick Butler (BSEE 1980) is the Senior Director of the Sales Compensation Center of Excellence at Cisco Systems.

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    Alumnus Profile: Dr. Abed Hammoud of Renishaw Mayfield

    Dr. Abed Hammoud (D.Sc. EE BME 1994) is a founding member and Chief Executive Officer of Renishaw Mayfield SA.

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