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    Alumnus Profile: Dr. Naveen Singla of Monsanto Company

    Dr. Naveen Singla (MSc EE 2003, DSc EE 2006) is manager of the IT Advanced Analytics group at Monsanto Company.

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    Aumnus Profile: Dr. Frank C. Robey of MIT Lincoln Laboratory

    Dr. Frank C. Robey (DSc EE 1990) is associate leader of the RF Technology Group of the MIT Linclon Laboratory.

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    Alumnus Profile: Dr. Emir Osmanagic of Baxalta Inc.

    Dr. Emir Osmanagic (BS EE 1997, MS EE 2000, PhD EE 2011) is Head of New Technologies and Innovation at Baxalta Inc.

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    Alumna Profile: Dr. Katherine Rink, MIT Lincoln Laboratory

    Dr. Katherine Rink (BS SSM 1993, MS and DSc SSM 1998) is an Assistant Division Head in the Air and Missile Defense Technology Division at MIT Lincoln Laboratory, leading research and prototyping in new sensors, technologies, and systems

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    Alumnus Profile: Mr. Jamal Farhat , Vice President and Chief Information Officer at BorgWarner, Inc.

    Mr. Jamal Farhat (BS EE 1980, MS EE 1981) is responsible for the global information technology department of the company.

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    Alumnus Profile: Dr. Robert Crow, Vice President of Sensing Strategies, Inc.

    Dr. Crow (BS EE & SSE, 1989) is Vice President of Sensing Strategies, Inc. and is an expert in remote sensing technologies.

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    Alumnus Profile: Dr. Gary Christensen , Professor at the University of Iowa

    Dr. Gary Christensen (BS EE 1988, MS EE 1989, DSc EE 1994) specializes in Biomedical Imaging and its uses in treating cancer using radiation.

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    Alumnus Profile: Mr. Larry McCord is Saving Lives in Our Community

    Mr. Larry McCord (BSAMCS 1974, MDP 1977) lost his middle child Chad to suicide in 2004, so Larry and his wife Marian founded CHADS (Communities Healing Adolescent Depression and Suicide) Coalition to become his voice to speak out about depression and suicide in the community.

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    NSF Research for Undergraduate Experience (REU) Internship Opening

    Professor J. T. Shen has an immediate opening for an NSF REU Internship for qualified EE Undergraduate Students interested in Electromagnetic Fields and Numerical techniques.

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    Alumnus Profile: Dr. Quinn Li, Vice President of Qualcomm

    Dr. Quinn Li (BS EE 1991, MS EE 1995, PhD EE 1996) is a Vice President and Managing Director for North America at Qualcomm Ventures, overseeing investment activities in North America.

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