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Zaborszky Distinguished Lecture Series

The Annual Zaborszky Distinguished Lecture Series was created in 1990 to honor Professor John Zaborszky, the founder and first chairman of the Department of Systems Science & Mathematics (now the Preston M. Green Department of Electrical & Systems Engineering). Professor John Zaborszky passed away in 2008. Each year, a distinguished scholar is invited to present a series of three lectures in his or her field of expertise.

List of Lectures

  • 2013 John Baillieul (Intelligent Mechatronics Lab, Boston University )

    List of Lectures

  • 2012 Richard Murray (California Institute of Technology)

  • 2010 Francis J. Doyle III (Dept. of Chemical Engineering, University of California, Santa Barbara)

  • 2009 Andrew R. Teel University of California, Santa Barbara, Dept of Electrical and Computer Engineering)

  • 2008 Alberto Isidori (University of Rome)

  • 2007 Graham C. Goodwin (University of Newcastle, Australia)

  • 2006Stephen Boyd (Stanford University)

  • 2005 Alan Willsky (MIT)

      Multi-resolution Markov Models, Graphical Model; Sensor Networks

  • 2004 Roger Brockett (Harvard University)

      Combinatorial Optimization, Neural Networks; Adaptive Control

  • 2003 Allen R. Tannenbaum (Georgia Institute of Technology)

      Lectures on Active Vision

  • 2002 A. Steve Morse (Yale University)

      Control Using Logic Switching

  • 2001 Panos J. Antsaklis (University of Notre Dame)

      Discrete Event Systems in Autonomous Intelligent Control

  • 2000 Anders Lindquist (Royal Institute of Technology)

      Analytic Interpolation with Degree Constraint with Applications to Systems and Control Signal Processing

  • 1996 Tamer Basar (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

      Paradigms for Robustness in Controller & Filter Designs

  • 1998 Leon O. Chua (University of California at Berkeley)

      A Paradigm for Complexity

  • 1997 J├╝rgen Ackermann (German Aerospace Research Establishment)

      Robust Control Supports Car Drivers & Pilots

  • 1996 Pravin Varaiya (University of California at Berkeley)

      Intelligent Highway Transportation Systems

  • 1995 Y.C. Ho (Harvard University)

      Discrete Event Dynamic Systems & a New Paradigm for Performance Analysis

  • 1994 H. Thomas Banks (North Carolina State University)

      Estimation & Control in Distributed Parameter Systems

  • 1993 Jan Willems (University of Groningen)

      The Behavioral Approach to Systems & Control

  • 1992 Karl Astrom (Lund University)

      Automatic Tuning and Adaptation

  • 1991 Arthur Krener (University of California at Davis)

      Nonlinear Control and Estimation

  • 1990 Roger Brockett (Harvard University)

      Combinatorial Optimization, Neural Networks & Adaptive Control

  • John Zaborszky (1914-2008) chaired the Systems Science & Mathematics Department from 1974-1989. He continues to be missed by many of his colleagues. (Reflections from Memorial Service)

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