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Schedule for a Week in Israel

(Friday, May 21):   Israel

  El Al flight 28, arrive at TLV 7:30 a.m.

  Minibus from airport to hotel at ~8:00 a.m.

  Check-in to Bell Hotel

  Free day in Tel Aviv

Tour of Jaffa

(Saturday, May 22): Tel Aviv

  Check-out of the  hotel by 11:00 a.m.

  Free half day in Tel Aviv

  18:00 Minibus to the Technion


Day 1 (Sunday, May 23): General Introduction
   2 Hours: Technion Visitors Center and Tour to Technion Campus - Yvonne Sagi
      9:00 -10:45 a.m. tour of the Technion Campus, general Technion presentation etc

   2 Hours: EE Department Presentation and Tour to Department of Electrical Engineering   Laboratories

    Introductory meeting:

      11:00-11:20 Faculty Presentation- Professor Nahum Shimkin , Room  383f

      11:20-11:30Iintroduction of foreign students, faculty and staff

      11:30-11:40 Control and Robotics Lab- Koby Kohay, Professor Nahum Shimkin

      11:40-11:50 Signal and Image Lab - Nimrod Peleg , Professor David Malah

      11:50-12:00 Coffee Break

      12:00-12:20 visit in Comm Lab - Moshe Namer ,  Professor Moshe Nazarathy

      12:20-12:40 visit in VLSI lab -Goel Samuel , Professor Ran Ginosar

      12:40-13:10 visit in Micro Nano Center Yacov Schneider, Professor Joseph Salzman

   Tour of Haifa

Day 2 (Monday, May 24): Working Day
     8:30 13:00: Control and Robotics Lab  -Koby Kohay
   13:00-14:00: Lunch
   14:00-15:30: Visit to Mechanical Engineering Dept  -  Micha Adler
   15:30-18:00: Control and Robotics lab - Koby Kohay

Day 3 (Tuesday, May 25): Working Day

     8:30-13:00: Control and Robotics Lab  –Koby Kohay

   10:00-11:00 Meeting with Dean (Professor Nehorai)
   13:00-14:00: Lunch 
   14:00-15:30: Visit to Aerospace Engineering DeptDr. Tal Shima
   Tour to Druze Villages and Hecht Museum

Day 4 (Wednesday, May 26): Working Day
     8:30-13:00: Signal and Image Lab  -Nimrod Peleg 
   13:00-14:00: Lunch 
   14:00-15:30: Visit to Computer Science Dept  - Yaron Honen
   15:30-18:00: Signal and Image Lab  -Nimrod Peleg   

Day 5 (Thursday, May 27):   Department visits
   08:30-10:30: Network Biology Research Lab. -Prof Ron Meir
   10:45-12:15: Summary Meeting 

   (Professor Adam Shwartz –Dean, Professor David Malah, Professor Nahum Shimkin,

     Mr. Koby Kohay, Mr. Nimrod Peleg)
   12:15:13:30: Lunch 
   13:30-15:30: Biomedical Engineering Dept - Professor Dan Adam
   Tour to Accra


Day 6 (Friday, May 28): Free Day
   Tour Nazareth and Holy places around Sea of Galilee


Day 7 (Saturday, May 29): Free Day
   Tour of Jerusalem

   Sleep in Tel Aviv


Day 8 (Sunday, May 30): Departure
  Breakfast at the Bell Hotel

  Check-out of the hotel by 11:00 a.m.

  Take taxi to airport (should cost about 100 shekels)

   1 U.S. dollar = 3.73549693 Israeli shekels

Visits to ME/AE/CS will be related to robotics and autonomous systems. Sleeping arrangements are possible in "Beit Haaracha" near the EE Department. The price for the room is 40$ per day for 1 person and 50$ for 2. The price for a larger room for 3  70$. It's without breakfast but there is free coffee and tea.

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