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ESE 497 (Undergraduate Research) Course Requirements

  • Sign up: Download and fill out this form. You will need to get your academic advisor's signature and the Course Supervisor's signature. Turn the signed form into the ESE office. Unless you have some other arrangement with your supervisor, enter 2 units of credit on the form. Also, check 497 unless your project spans the summer and the fall semester. Also, you need to register for ESE497 on WebStac for 2 credits in the Course Supervisor's section (Prof. Nehorai is section 27).
  • General Expectations: ESE497 is typically a 2 credit course. Students can sign up for 1 or 3 credits with permission of the mentor. In any case, you are expected to spend at least 5 hours/week/credit on your undergraduate research project.
  • Web Page: You are required to create a web page during the semester so other can view what you are working on. This is a good opportunity to post photographs, preliminary results, links to references, simulation outputs, etc. Additionally, you are required to create a final web page documenting your undergraduate research project, due on the first day of exams. Use sites.wustl.edu to create your web page. See this Quick Start Guide for details on how to get started.
  • Monthly Presentations: 3 times during the semester we will meet as a group. Each individual will give a 10 minute presentation on their current progress with PowerPoint. Please send your powerpoint slides to your mentor a week before the presentation for review.
  • Bi-Weekly Status Updates: Every 2 weeks, you are required to send a detailed report to your mentor describing your progress.
  • Poster Session: In April, we will have a ESE Undergraduate Research and Senior Design Poster Session in the Lopata Gallery. If you have a demonstration, you should set it up for this. A poster is required.
  • Undergraduate Research Symposium: You are required to participate one of the 2 Undergraduate Research Symposiums. These are help in October and April. If you have a demonstration, you should set it up for this. A poster is required.
  • Poster: Create a 44" x 36" poster (template) for your 2 presentations above. We will provide an easel and poster board to display your poster. Please send a copy of the PowerPoint with your web documents.
  • Reports (optional): A final report is required to complete your undergraduate research requirements. It is due the first day of final exams (Recommended Report Template). This report will be posted on the Undergraduate Research website. Additionally, you might be required to submit a mid-term report if requested by the supervising professor.
  • Video (optional): We strongly suggest you create a video of your work during the semester for us to post on the website and the signage monitors.
  • St. Louis Area Undergraduate Research Symposium (optional): We strongly suggest you also participate in the St. Louis Area Undergraduate Research Symposium. in April. Josh York (BSEE 2009) won first place his senior year.
At the end of the semester, please zip the directory of your web documents, report, poster and video and email it to ed@ese.wustl.edu.

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