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Current Undergraduate Research Projects

Students: Look below to see the list of exciting projects currently being done by your classmates. Please contact the professor directly if you are interested in participating or use the link below for a list of new research opportunities. Or browse the completed projects to see if you are interested in continuing your classmates' work.

  • Chase Lafont (Professor: Arye Nehorai), Robotic Control for Dynamic Acoustic Microphone Array
  • Rafael Schwartz and Zachary Knudsen  (Professor: Arye Nehorai), 3-Dimensional Acoustic Source Localization
  • Alex Mentch (Professor: Robert Morley), Sound Card based Magnetprint implementation
  • Brad Pelz (Professor: Lan Yang), TBD
  • Ian Beil and Evan Nixon (Professor: Nehorai), Source Localization Using Acoustic Vector Sensors
  • Jessica Stigile and Naitik Bhatt (Professor: Nehorai), Renewable Energy Resources: A Feasibility Study
  • Joy Chiang (Professor: Nehorai), Electronic Nose: Classification of Smells Using Chemical Sensors




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